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why patio tables with fire pits built in rock my patio

Now that we can talk about patio furniture again without getting the crazy eye, there is a new addition that I’ve got to introduce you to. They’re called cast aluminum patio furniture fire pits, and I think you’re going to love them. These patio tables have their fire pits built into the design of the table, so there is no complicated assembly, no additional storage or space on the patio Fire Pitsbeing taken up and you have the ultimate convenience of having your food right there. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of patio tables with built in fire pits (at least for us lazy loafers). Instead of standing over the grill the entire afternoon or having to run back and forth for a refill or a flip, your food is ‘queing right there at arm’s reach from your favorite chair. Does life get better? I submit that it can not! Here are a few more reasons why fire pits rock:

- Increase Patio Furniture Usability: Using patio tables with fire pits helps extend your patio season into the colder months. A glowing fire nestled in your fire pit provides warmth and light, allowing you to sit outdoors even when the weather starts to cool down.

- (Re)Create The Magic of Summer Campfires: If you’re nostalgic for those unforgettable summer experiences under the stars, fire pits are a great way to relive the magic. With these helpful patio tables, you can get that campfire feeling all the time. Even if you never went to sleep away camp (I’m a homebody, what can I say?) everyone loves to sit around the open fire, telling stories, making smores, and enjoying the great outdoors with friends. It’s as American as apple pie. Create those magical memories whenever you want, whether it’s with your old camp buddies or even your kids.

- No Need to Travel: What’s even more convenient is that the fire  brings all the excitement right to your own backyard. No need to travel hours and miles; you can sing kumbaya right Patio Tablesoutside your house. Sleeping bags not included (but highly recommended for added excitement and enjoyment for the little ones).

- Delightfully Delicious: Cooking over an open fire is the best kind of BBQ you can get. There is no competition to that delectable crispness, that succulent freshness, that juicy goodness that you get from a hot-off-the-fire steak, burger, frank or sausage. Even the buns and veggies taste better when cooked on an open fire.

- Mood Setting: Fire pits make for unique outdoor lighting options. It doesn’t matter if you want your landscape to look cool for a bunch of friends or you’re trying to create a romantic environment for someone special, you must admit that a crackling fire makes for quite the ambiance setting. And talk about a conversation piece. While this couldn’t possibly be your sole or even main purpose for investing in one of these patio tables, it certainly is a perk!

Cast Aluminum  Patio FurnitureSpecially designed fire pit patio tables come with various features for added convenience like a cover for your fire pit, so you don’t have to dump the entire thing every time, and so no little critters turn it into a home or litter box, and an insert for when you want a solid tabletop surface.

Obviously, cast aluminum patio furniture is your best choice when it comes to fire pits. After all, wooden or wicker patio tables would be a disastrous choice for anything to do with fire, and don’t even get me started on plastic. Cast aluminum patio furniture is durable, resilient and won’t catch fire even if a spark escapes somehow.

All this talk of sweet summer memories is making me soppy eyed. I think I’ll go look through some old pictures (you remember, the ones we actually printed out before technology took over our photo albums) and wait for my mouth-watering steak to be ready. Have you used your fire pit yet this season? Well, what are you waiting for?

does a smaller home mean saying goodbye to patio furniture?

I recently visited my friends who had moved into a new apartment complex. I will admit, part of me was curious to see their new place, and part of me just enjoys their company. But a big ole’ part of Patio Furnitureme was going because they mentioned that they had some really nice patio furniture that there was just no room for and needed to be taken off their hands. Well, to make a long and enjoyable afternoon with friends short, I went home with a few choice pieces that I really love, but I also went away with a “bee in my bonnet” (for those who don’t know the term, it means I was upset). Like us, my friends are the types who love being outdoors, relaxing, playing, just enjoying the sun and the sky. So when they told me that there would be little outdoor time in this new apartment, my heart sank a little for them. This new place was lovely and it even had an outdoor porch area. The trouble is that the porch was much smaller than the open backyard my friends were used to. So, reluctantly, they said goodbye to their patio furniture and began settling into their new apartment.

Folding Patio TablesEnter nosy me. Not willing to give in that easily, I pulled out my handy laptop as soon as I got home. It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for; the solution to my friends’ dilemma (that they didn’t actually know they had!) Sometimes in life, we accept things without question. I agree with this logic when you’re talking about there being a trillion stars in the galaxy, how exactly electrons work and astrophysics. Most smaller things, though, I’m not giving up without a fight. There had to be a solution to this problem, and, after a few minutes of head scratching and web scrolling, I found it. Folding patio tables and chairs are now my old friends’ new friends ?

Folding patio tables and chairs? Let’s discuss. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind whenFolding Patio Chairs I say folding patio chairs? I know I picture those partially rusting, ugly plastic things that we whipped out during pool parties as a kid. Well progress is a beautiful thing my dears because this is no longer the case. What I found on my searches was that you could get the really good quality wood that patio furniture needs to be made of in the convenient folding versions. There are also beautiful metal pieces that I was really surprised to see (when I think of wrought iron patio furniture, quick and easy folding isn’t one of the features I imagine).

I showed my friends an array of folding patio tables from full size dining tables to small square or round end tables for two or three. They also were delighted to find the variety of folding patio chairs Patio Furniture Setsthat were available. I don’t just mean the typical metal tuck away’s that you only pull out for emergencies. Great names like All Things Cedar, Anderson Furniture and International Caravan have beautiful wooden folding patio chairs that are actually making me reconsider my previous purchases (of course, with the new freebies from my friends, I don’t think I’ll be making any purchases just now). You can get folding loungers, ottomans and sets for the truly space conscious. Pangaea has stunning metal pieces that you would never believe could fold or would fold, but really do!

What I really found amazing, though, was the selection of OTHER folding patio furniture that is out Baker's Rackthere. There are things that you would never imagine could come with the option of neatly and discreetly being folded up and tucked away when more space is needed. Picture a full-sized backer rack or a beautifully ornate set of wrought iron shelves; there one minute, gone the next. Can you believe?

So if you are pressed for space like Jamie and Alex, don’t throw in the towel or give up on things that you really enjoy. Whether it’s buying a futon so you can still have sleeping guests or learning how to maximize your cabinet space, never let a smaller living area cramp your style. As for the folding patio tables and chairs, it was so simple, I can’t even take pride in the discovery. What I can do is smile every time I go over to their house and see them enjoying some time in the sun.

Organic Baby Products, Because You Love Your Little One

Organic Baby ProductsThe world is full of the latest scandal or trend that is quickly evolving into a newer, better point of view. I’m all for progressivism, technology and enlightenment. What I have a problem with is half-brained fads based on little research or worse. These are the ones that you find transitioning into the exact opposite viewpoint a few years later (you know, margarine is good for you, no it’s oil, sleep babies ONLY on their backs, now it’s only on their stomachs, make up your minds!) So when I hear about a radical viewpoint, I like to do my own investigations before subscribing to this way of thinking. Here is a piece I wrote about organic baby products. See what you think. From organic baby bedding and a organic baby mattress to everyday organic baby clothes, what’s the logic behind it all? (Pictured left is an adorable organic baby gift I found online. A sweet something to keep in mind the next time friends or family have a new addition.)
We lock up the cleaning solutions, and we check the ingredients for unhealthy colorants and preservatives, but are we really doing all we can to keep our children safe? MyDearChild.com takes an in-depth look at organic baby bedding, organic baby clothing, and other green baby (or earth-friendly) solutions to see whether or not this is really a necessary precaution for responsible parents to be taking. Read the rest of my article about organic baby products.

If you like the idea of a heart-to-heart parenting, try a snugly baby sling for your little one. Baby SlingThese can be used from newborns up to toddlers depending on the model and your own build. A baby sling is a comfortable way to hold your baby, and it is a hands-free way to keep your baby close at all times. This is invaluable for most parents trying to get ANYTHING done, especially those first few months. (Note: That’s not me or my baby in the picture, but isn’t it the sweetest thing?!)
Organic baby bedding is also an important feature you’ll read about in my article. Get beautiful and comfortable organic baby bedding, and don’t forget your organic baby mattress for the package deal.

Patio Furniture season is just around the corner. Are you ready?

I don’t know about you, but I am just itching to get spring into full swing. After thawing out from this brutal winter, I’m more than ready to turn my sights towards brighter, sunnier futures. Whether it’s airing out the pool gear or my favorite pastime, spring cleaning (hey, you have your hobbies, I have mine!), the time is ripe for warm weather preparations. Whatever your version of readying the home front, you’d better get a move on because once spring hits, summer is right around the corner.

Patio FurnitureOne of the biggest and best investments for guaranteed summer success is durable and attractive patio furniture. Loaded with usability for the whole family, patio tables and chairs are an integral part of my summer vacation plans. From kids’ arts and crafts projects to an impromptu picnic with the family, my table and patio chairs are important players in most of our warm-weather activities. And let’s not forget those rare but priceless lazy day lounges in the sun. (Whether you have to hire a babysitter, a loving sister or a swat team, give yourself a handful of these days to get through the summer!) Yes, patio furniture is a must have.

So whether it’s buying a new set, dusting off the stored one or filling in the missing pieces, now’s the time to brush up on your patio furniture know-how. My friend and fellow blogger, Ilana, talks all about the different types of patio furniture. She has written a two part series, and I’m passing it on to you for your viewing pleasure (it’s useful information, and I always get a kick out of her writing). In her first lens, she talks about the different kinds of patio tables and chairs from sleek cast aluminum Patio Furniture Setspatio furniture to rustic wood patio furniture. The second lens focuses on the Who’s Who in the wide world of patio furniture. It hones in on some of the more quality companies like All Things Cedar, Tortuga Outdoor and Meadow Decor. What I really like is that she clearly explains each benefit and even let’s you in on the drawbacks of different materials. In other words, you can get both sides of the story in one. Ilana also has a cute piece at the end about fun things you can do with your patio chairs, tables, sets and accents. Well, I hope you all enjoy reading this patio furniture expose as much as I did, and, as always, feedback is welcome. Happy almost-spring!

baby cribs – things every parent ought to know

When that new bundle of joy arrives, it can be pretty overwhelming. Between the physical and emotional roller coasters that your mind and body are going through and all the planning, rearranging and changing that has been and will be going on, new parents often finCribsd it hard to know just where to start. Getting some basics together, like your nursery furniture, stroller and feeding necessities, will help you gain a handle on the situation until you have the time to sit back and work out all the little details. Getting back to a “normal” routine is essential, and this involves baby eating and sleeping properly. Feeding comes natural, but will often need the assistance of a professional consultant, so today we’ll cover sleeping. With so many cribs on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Here is everything you ought to know before putting your baby down to sleep.

Standard Cribs: Until recently, your standard cribs were available, usually with a stationary mattress support and a single or double drop side option. Drop sides were posing many safety issues, however, so the government issued a ban on all such cribs. Hundreds of thousands of standard cribs were recalled and new models, without this option, are currently being produced. Note: If you already have this type of crib, don’t fret. New cribs with this feature don’t have to be a safety issue, so long as you keep on top of it. Check the mechanisms periodically, ensuring that they are securely locked and in place. It is recommended to exchange older and certainly second hand cribs with this feature.

Portable Cribs: Portable cribs are purposely made lightweight and compact with castors on the legs so they are easy to move around. This may be helpful if you want to constantly keep an eye on your baby while you work in different areas of the house and can also serve as a portable play area for young babies as you tend to various chores. Additionally, portable cribs take up less room for space-conscious parents and homes.

Canopy Cribs: Canopies are fabric awnings that spread over your baby’s crib. While these hold no real functional purpose, the sweet dream atmosphere that they create is sometimes worth the extra cash. If you must have some useful advantage, canopies can help reduce the amount of flying pests around your little one. During the summer this is even more beneficial.

Convertible, Lifetime or 3 in 1 Cribs: 3 in 1 CribsThese cribs are a marvelous innovation in nursery furniture. Essentially, 3 in 1 cribs grow with your children, so you only have to purchase one bed throughout your child’s developmental years. Over time, that’s a tremendous savings. 4 or 3 in 1 cribs vary in their capacity, but most go from baby crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, and some continue on to full size beds as well. In addition to saving you money on the actual beds, you save on bed and crib bedding and storage space.

Round Cribs: The latest trend for hip parents, round cribs are meant to look softer and take up less space, fitting easily into corners and small spaces. Maybe yes, maybe no, but one thing is for certain. Round cribs run on the heftier end of the price range so expect to pay a bundle for this baby bed.

Bassinets/Cradles: I have never been a particular fan of bassinets or cradles because these are outgrown so fast. It’s one thing to spend $5 on a pair of shoes you know won’t fit in six months. It’s another thing to drop several hundred dollars on a cradle that will be ill equipped to handle your three month old. This is particularly true because a full-sized crib can just as easily house a newborn, and most cribs will have an adjustable mattress so you don’t have to dive in to pick up or put down your newborn.

Some Features to Look For
~ Adjustable mattress height- This is a great safety as well as comfort device. Reach your smaller baby easily by keeping the adjustable mattress on its highest setting. As your baby grows, though, keep the little one safe and securely in the crib by lowering the setting.
~ Rolling casters- Wheels make for more convenience, and are a lifesaver on those long nights when baby can’t seem to fall asleep on her own. Just make sure your wheels have locks so that baby doesn’t go rockin’ and rollin’ on their own (or thanks to a helpful older sibling).
~ Storage space included- Many modern cribs come equipped with storage space included. Whether it’s under the crib drawers or side drawers and shelves, this feature is great for storing clothing, quilts, diapers, and other baby equipment/supplies. Some cribs also have a changing table attached for 2-in-1 nursery furniture.

Crib Extras
~ Crib bedding- Crib bedding can inclCrib Beddingude linen, quilts, canopies, bumpers and even floor mats. Parents often enjoy buying coordinating crib bedding to match the other nursery furniture, nursery decor or thematic bedding in popular characters or matching colors.
~ Crib bumpers- Crib bumpers are soft pieces of padded material that run around the perimeter of your crib. These ensure that your baby will not bang or bump his head against the bars of the crib.
~ Crib mattresses- It is important to take the time to choose an appropriate crib mattress. Aside from the comfort that your baby requires to sleep properly, crib mattresses can cause unnecessary safety issues if not adequately fitted to your crib. Many parents are also opting for the more natural materials for crib mattresses as a healthier alternative to the synthetics.
~ Toys- Toys like hanging mobiles and diaper caddies are optional, but many parents find them useful and worthwhile.
~ Teething rail- This is a great extra for that “adorable” teething stage. Teething rails fit around your crib bars so that your baby chews on them instead of on the crib bars.

Safety First
-    Make sure your height adjustment features are well secured and locked in place. Monitor your baby’s growth, and adjust the height as soon as the baby begins to enter into the next stage. Experts recommend lowering the mattress as soon as baby can pull himself up to a stand.
-    Bar spacing should be no more than 2 3/8″ apart. Any farther and baby runs the risk of getting caught and severely injured.
-    Never place cribs up against a tall furniture item that can be crawled or climbed onto. This is even more important near a window.
-    Peeling or cracked paint and splintered wood are clear signs not to use this crib.
-    It has been highly recommended to stay away from second hand cribs, especially ones made before 1980 or 1990. This is a safety precaution because the more time and children have used the crib, the less durable it will be and the more likely it wNursery Furnitureill lead to potential safety issues. Many models made before this time don’t comply with modern day safety standards as well.

Part of being a parent involves becoming informed about important areas of your child’s life. This responsibility starts as early as choosing the right nursery furniture. Don’t shop oblivious; keep these important pointers about cribs in mind when purchasing your baby’s sleep space.

Why I’d Opt for Kitchen Organizers Over Manicures Any Day

I know we’ve talked about this before, but there are some areas in our lives that can never receive too much attention. Some people enjoy getting weekly manicures, others need their weekly movie. In my book, the polish will be off a few minutes after I get home and I’d rather curl up on my couch with a good book. Instead, I’d rather have a weekly home organization spa (can you feel the relaxing powers, the soothing of structure overwhelming you…), that’s why we’re talking about kitchen organization once again.

In an era where forty is deemed the new twenty (though I have my own explanation for that phrase), a common trend is consistently reappearing. Minimalist designs, multi-purpose items, even dual function furniture – we’re all trying to downsize on the grandiose lifestyle of the last American generation.

The kitchen is by far one of the busiest and most cluttered rooms of the home, so creating additional space here is always useful. Do you really know anyone who would say, “Nope, I don’t need anymore room in my kitchen. I’ve got plenty of space for everything”? Whether it’s cramped counters and work surfaces or overflowing pantries, we’re all looking for a miracle cure to the overstuffed feeling that this room can so easily produce. No potions to offer, sorry, but I do have a trick or two that, with a little bit of effort, can bring harmony into your home. Well, at least into the kitchen.

Drawer Organizers
Drawer OrganizersDrawers need to be sorted through, and (be strong) you should throw out what you don’t need. Group like items together with rubber bands, in boxes or cans. Items that need to be kept in the drawer should have their own section within a well-suited drawer organizer. Drawer organizers have lots of individual compartments so you can keep the stamps and the coins from starting up with one another. Same goes for knives, forks and cutlery trays. There’s just no keeping the peace with out the right kitchen organizers.

Individual Pantry Shelves
You will quickly be able to apply the same logic to your kitchen cabinets. Sort, dispose of and organize into customizedPantry Shelves kitchen organizers for your specific cabinet situation. Just like you need to be flexible to incorporate the constant flux that your family brings and general life has become, your cabinets should offer you that same adaptability. Pantry shelves transform an ordinary cabinet into a storage convenience that accommodates your needs like a dream. From pull out pantry shelves that greet you warmly when you open the cabinets to in-cabinet units that slide, pivot, rotate and more (how’s that for flexible?) to cater to your present needs, pantry shelves are the ultimate in customized storage solutions.

Larger Pantry Shelving
Pantry ShelvingYour larger pantry is just as important, if not more, to keep convenient and running smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. Sorting will be a little different for this storage space, though. First separate cans, boxes and bottles or organize according to food types (ex. baking supplies or pastas), whichever works best for you. obviously, discard items that are old, never used or unusable for some other reason. Next, pantry shelving has plenty of room to store all of your goods and sundries. What’s more, it can provide the flexibility that we talked about above. Rotate pantry shelving to view items that are stored in the back (suggestion: these could be items that are used less frequently than others). Pull out pantry units for complete access. Keep hot items in door pantry shelves for easy access and instant visibility. The more specific your needs, the more you are going to appreciate the adaptable nature that is inherent to convenient pantry shelves.

While each will have their own specialized organizational buddy, the process is the same for organizing nearly any area of your life: sort, discard and designate a specific space or place for items being kept. Weekly or even monthly upkeep rituals will ensure that your home is kept running smoothly all year long, and in my book, that’s worth all the manicures in the world. Happy organizing!

beauty achieved through bedroom accessories

While function is primary, of course, it is important that your home furnishings offer some aesthetic appeal asMirror well. We all crave beauty, whether it is to be a thing of beauty or to view and experience it. The nicest thing about well-made decorative furniture is that these items can literally be works of art, giving you both use and the much sought after beauty. Our bedroom is the room we retreat to after a long day out and the first reality that meets us as we shake sleep from our eyelids. This is a place that will appreciate and benefit from objects of beauty. Here are a few simple ideas on how to use bedroom accents such as mirrors to inspire and excite.

Your masterpiece can be as small as an antique mirror or as big as a full vanity set. This is your work of art, so expressWall Mirrors yourself thoroughly through it. Wall mirrors tell a lot about a personality and add even more to a room. A mirror gives the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is. This means that you will feel more spacious, even in a smaller bedroom. Hang a decorative wall mirror across from the window to expand the room’s borders even farther. Mirrors also bring more light into a room, and everything looks brighter when you shed some light on it. An antique mirror has a smoky surface that is sophisticated and alluring at the same time. These mirrors come in a wide range of shading, so you can be as moderate or as extreme as you like.

Obviously, wall mirrors provide a convenient glass for applying makeup, choosing outfits and checking to make sure accessories have been adorned properly. I’m just enlightening you to the idea that mirrors canMirrors also add immense beauty into a room. A popular trend for the ages is to create decorative mirror frames. From oval mirrors with sculpted lines to long, paneled wall mirrors surrounded by intricate detailing, often the frames themselves on these mirrors are the true works of art. A mirror is not a large investment, and it can have a dramatic effect on your entire bedroom. If you are just getting started on a home sculpting endeavor, then an artful wall mirror is a great place to start.

Moving up the scale in style, jewelry armoires have long been seen as things of beauty. A jewelry armoire is generally aJewelry Armoire wooden case with legs, drawers, doors and various compartments. It is used for sorting and storing jewelry and other accessory items such as decorative combs or silk scarves. Jewelry armoires are somewhat of a showpiece, and designers take pride in crafting the most exquisite designs. Every detail from the type of wood to the material that will line the drawers consumes tremendous thought and preparation. Here is a stunning collection of jewelry armoires for you to enjoy.

Browse the various models to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Then decide which style speaks to you most. Do you prefer a black finish, a lighter oak or medium mahogany color? Are drawers what Jewelry Armoireswork best for you or a combination of doors and other compartments? Do long, carved legs thrill you or is a sturdy flat base more comforting? After perusing the different jewelry armoires for a little while, these questions will begin to get easier to answer. Bear in mind, though, that this jewelry armoire is meant to invite moving beauty into your life. So don’t get hung up on the small details. Go with what makes you feel limitless.

Wall mounted jewelry armoires are wonderful if you don’t have enough floor space or if the standing models are a bit more grandeur than you’re ready Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoirefor. A wall mounted jewelry armoire alleviates the floor space conundrum by hanging neatly on the wall and out of the way. Don’t think these pieces won’t do the job, however. A wall mounted jewelry armoire can still create a luxurious atmosphere, moving you to inspiration when necessary.

If you have a little extra space in your bedroom, (which most of us do if we would only pick up that pile of laundry from the floor- something to think about before narrowing your scope to only include wall mounted jewelryVanity Set armoires) nothing will make you feel more graceful than an elegant vanity set. Vanity sets conjure images of fair ladies adorning fine powders and exquisite jewels. Whether you are picturing a refined noble woman or a world-renowned star, a vanity set is where all the magic begins. Capture that sensation with your own stately vanity set nestled in the privacy of your bedroom.

A vanity set should include a mirror to assist you in all your preparations, decisions and emotional upheavals, a table and a stool. Don’t worry if your bedroom is on the smaller side. There are plenty of vanity sets that are Vanity Setsspace-efficient without compromising any of the allure that these furniture items possess. From chic metal tables in modern designs to classic wood fixtures, vanity sets span the spectrum. Allow yourself to feel like the queen that you really are with your own beautiful vanity set.

Running after kids all day or crunching numbers behind a desk can certainly drain the glamour from our lives. I love my kids, and I truly adore the lifestyle I’ve chosen. That doesn’t mean, though, that a little “Me Time” isn’t in order occasionally. Being able to close the door to the whirlwind, the fighting and the yelling (and that’s just at the office!) and letting yourself enjoy a few minutes surrounded by true beauty can inspire and rejuvenate you for another round of life. The right furniture piece is undoubtedly a work of art. Transform your ordinary bedroom into a gallery featuring your favorite masterpieces, and make the haven you occasionally crave accessible anytime of day.

Liberty Cabinet Hardware Hype

One of my favorite things to do on this blog (aside from talk about my adorable kids and give advice to anyone who will listen) is to help you find great deals and steals from super low prices to surprise benefits and more. In the following guest post, we’ll discover a gem of a company. Our guest blogger is here to tell us a little bit about the wonder that is Liberty Cabinet Hardware. Without further adieu, let’s get down to cabinet hardware.

Liberty HardwareFirst of all, to get an idea of whom we are dealing with, consider the fact that Liberty cabinet hardware has been around for almost 70 years. That’s a long time to be learning, honing, and perfecting their customer service skills, design methods, styles and sales approach. In this time, Liberty Cabinet Hardware has built its way to the top and now enjoys a well-deserved place as one of the foremost opinions in the cabinet hardware industry.

Not just about innovative designs, this company uses a fresh approach to customer relations. One example of the ingenuity that Liberty Cabinet Hardware displays is their use of contests to get consumers involved. They are asking for your input, they want to hear your opinions, and they are even willing to give you hard cash for those ideas. It’s companies like this that you wanLiberty Knobst to do business with. Their latest contest invited the average Joes to submit their own designs for the upcoming Liberty knobs, pulls, hinges and methods. Liberty awarded over $7500 worth of prizes to the winners. They weren’t just looking for design ideas, but also asked for feedback and ideas as to how Liberty knobs, pulls and other hardware can be better. Don’t believe it? Well, installation improvements got their own category and cash prizes.

As we said, Liberty hardware has been around a long time, and has learned to incorporate the positive changes in the Liberty Cabinet Hardwaremarket as well as technological advancements to better their services. I’m not going to go into the dry details, but Liberty Hardware incorporates some of the most forward-trend technologies and product strategies available today such as goods to person selection and slotting. With a foot grounded in the past and a hand embracing the future, Liberty pulls etc. have the ideal combination for you.

Now for the fun part. Liberty cabinet hardware is not just about company policies. With fresh and exciting elements constantly being created, you are just going to love these deigns. Liberty Betsy Fieldsknobs and pulls span the spectrum from elegant to exciting and even eclectic. Quality finishes in dramatic tones including bronze, chrome, nickel and pewter. One of the most expressive collections of Liberty pulls and knobs is the Betsy Fields collection. If you are going for a nautical theme or just enjoy the look of whimsical marine life, this cabinet hardware is for you. All done in an attractive pewter, these Liberty knobs and pulls introduce levity and class all at once.

Liberty cabinet hardware covers important areas such as towel and robe hooks, bathroom accents, bathroom hardware, bathroom mirrors, appliance pulls, drawer pulls, and cabinet Liberty Pullsknobs, each of which are great for decorating and functionalizing every room in your home. If you liked the designs, you will love the prices. On ModularKitchenCabinets.com, Liberty cabinet hardware is sold at sale prices all the time, so you get quality and style at phenomenal savings.

The next time you want to redo the look of your home, check out Liberty pulls, knobs, bathroom hardware and more. The company as stood the test of time, and so will your Liberty cabinet hardware so you can enjoy it for years and years to come.

We’re Guest Blogging!

Your favorite blogger has made a guest appearance on another blog site. Here is a snippet:
“Cabinet hardware can give you the ability to update your home without spending a fortune. From cabinet knobs and pulls to decorative hinges and beyond, the selection of cabinet hardware is so versatile it offers you both service and style in one. The next time a room in your home is starting to look run down, or you are just in the mood for a change of pace, don’t lament the thousands of dollars it would take to renovate. Instead, for less than $100, exchange your cabinet hardware and update the entire face of the room. Let me show you how.

~ Cabinet knobs have the advantage of minimal mounting effort. With just one screw, your cabinet knobs are in place and functioning. You might also enjoy the light look and feel of a more petite cabinet hardware.

~ On the other side, cabinet pulls offer more stability with two-screw mounting. What’s more, there is a larger selection of cabinet pulls on the market, so you can really express yourself with these.” Read more here: http://blog.mercercarpetone.com/2010/11/guest-post-5-easy-ways-to-revamp-your.html

Hope you enjoy it!

are they getting bigger or are kitchen tables getting smaller? Kitchen work & storage space solutions

While I was maneuvering a hot pan of lasagna through the air, one child occupying the table with homework and another one circling my torso while the third one chased him because he said that there IS someone bigger and stronger than Daddy, it occurred to me that our family might be outgrowing our kitchen.

As the day went on, I realized this must be the case. Our petite kitchen table was easily confiscated by the smallest project. Counter space was constantly at a premium, and there were just never enough chairs! When did this happen? I suppose when the babies quietly (and mutinously, if you ask me. No one asked me if they could grow up!) got older…and bigger. Between school books and papers, hobbies and crafts, and every other miscellaneous that comes along with raising kids, now each child took up not only a seat at the table, but a place in the house. What used to be an empty work surface was currently occupied by all the various accoutrements that come along with being a healthy, growing child.

If you are also struggling with this organizational (and emotional) issue, I have some space-efficient solutions for you. Let’s get the workspace back under control so that we can free up our headspace as well.

Kitchen Tables- A young couple gets married and purchases furniture that is appropriate for them. A small Kitchen Tablesbreakfast table is great for a sweet meal for two. Once the kids start bounding in, however, we have to start making some adjustments. Kids think BIG, and you should too. Large kitchen tables will help you to accommodate all your needs at once. Set up several children at different tasks with a bigger kitchen table, and even serve dinner easily with all the space.  Remember that this is not the dining room, and style is not a priority here. Kitchen tables should be spacious and sturdy, especially if your kids are anything like mine…

Kitchen Stools- At the same time, extra seating is becoming an issue. Babies that were fine with laps, high chairs or booster seats are now in need of a proper place at the table. Dining room chairs are bulky and can often be more of an investment than you are ready to make. Kitchen stools, on the other hand, create a Kitchen Stoolssimple alternative. At a much lower price tag, this seating option is a fabulous idea for growing families. Small enough to tuck under the table when not in use, kitchen stools also store easily in any corner or closet. Truth is, though, that you will not be storing them so frequently. Our kitchen stools are found all over the house, wherever an extra seat is needed. Stools are light enough for the kids to maneuver too, so they don’t have to bother me every time they want another chair.

Kitchen Islands-
Kitchen islands are a little bit of an investment, one that I was reluctant to make. Once I saw how convenient they are in the home of my dear friend Sharon (thanks Sharon), I knew that it would be worth the cost. Kitchen islands give you the extra prep space you need to prepare meals, go over paper work, file and pay bills or serve a straggler a quick lunch. What’s more, modern kitchen islands come loaded with features from fun compartments to convenient storage space, which brings me to my last kitchen solution…

Kitchen Carts-
With all these newly emerging people, there has been an influx of STUFF. It’s literally everywhere, and even an organized Kitchen Cartshomemaker like myself can get pulled down by the tidal wave of papers, gadgets and “treasures” that children bring along with them. Kitchen carts are those additional storage spaces that you so desperately need. Whether it’s closed cabinets for concealing the chaos or open shelves to house baskets of organized belongings, kitchen carts offer you the solace and flexibility of ample storage room. Most carts are also mounted on wheels, so you can put your storage anywhere you want, and change the location at a whim. On top of being your life preserver in the sea of disorganization, kitchen carts offer additional workspace.

Now that you have room again to move, work and dine, the only thing left to deal with is the fact that these little guys growing up way too fast. Unfortunately, furniture can’t solve all your problems. Some things are just going to have to be left alone for now. Take lots of pictures because, when you’re watching your kids grow up, tomorrow comes so fast.