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Easy Amerock Allison Hardware Care

Getting new cabinet hardware is always an exciting opportunity. They're shiny, they're fresh and they pull the entire room together beautifully. Fast-forward a few years, however, and even great cabinet hardware can go wrong. There are two ways to avoid hardware deterioration. The first is to buy quality pieces from the start. The Amerock Allison hardware collection offers only the best of craftsmanship to the consumer. So shopping Allison hardware is a safe bet for step one. Step two is a common sense light maintenance that anyone can and should do to upkeep their cherished cabinet hardware. Here are a few basic tips for preserving that original luster on all your Allison hardware items. Allison Hardware
Allison Hardware
  • Allison hardware requires only a light washing periodically. Use mild soap and water. Never use harsh abrasives or strong chemicals to clean your Amerock Allison knobs and pulls.

  • If you find that some stubborn material has attached itself to your cabinet hardware, you can remove the piece and soak it in a soapy solution for a few minutes. This will loosen the dirt, making it easier to clean. It also makes cleaning small crevices easier.

  • Note: Do not soak wood Allison hardware. Use appropriate wood cleaners only.

  • If your cabinet face is highly sensitive and decorative, you can use this method from the start. Removing your Allison hardware pulls ensures that water damage or nicks do not sully the cabinet face.

  • Use a toothbrush for the fine details. The bristles are soft and pliable and won't scratch the finish.

  • To really rejuvenate your hardware, you can polish pieces after cleaning. This will renew the original shine

  • Stainless steel is known as the non-rusting cabinet hardware. Once in a while, however, iron particles can escape into the hardware and begin to rust. These are easily removed, leaving no damage to the actual hardware. Low-grade stainless steel will also suffer from adverse surroundings such as salt water or abrasive chemicals. All Allison hardware is made from premium quality materials, so the latter needn't apply to you.

Enjoy your Amerock Allison hardware for decades to come using these super simple hardware care tips.

Amerock Allison
Amerock Allison


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